Refunds, Race Number Transfer or Reselling a Race Place

We’re sympathetic to changes in personal situations which happen between entering a race and race-day, however, we have for many years had to make a difficult decision and make a policy on what we can accommodate with regards to entry refunds or race number transfer.  It’s with regret, that we are not able to offer refunds should you change your mind or have a change in circumstance between registering for our event and race day.  This includes but is not limited to; refunds, deferred entries, race number transfer or reselling of numbers.

Please be assured this decision is made for the health and continuation of the race and not a prejudice against our runners.  We understand to some this policy may seem quite harsh but we do this for two main reasons.

  1. We’re a very small group of volunteers and don’t have the resource to manage this (you may not believe but year-on-year we get 10’s of requests to do this!)
  2. There is the potential for errors in administering this process which could mean we contravene our race license, and potentially put other runners in danger because of our actions.  There are strict UK Athletic rules which we have to follow but can’t easily due to reason 1.

It’s for these reasons, we don’t take the risk in offering alternatives where a runner is unable to race.

We are not a formal limited company or registered charity ourselves, we are a small group of friends and essentially volunteers who put this race together each year.  We do not draw a wage or commission.  We host the event entirely in good faith, to raise as much money as we can for cancer and bereavement charities. Every penny beyond the expense of hosting the event goes to cancer and bereavement charities.  We typically donate annually whilst leaving reserves in a bank account to launch the following year’s events.  See what and where we’ve donated to date by going to “about“.

Please Note…

Whilst we know it may be tempting, it is against UK Athletes rules for an athlete to run a race as another runner (i.e. using another runners number/chip even with their consent).  A runner choosing to do this runs the race entirely at their own risk.  We reserve the right to refuse post-race results changes and may report runners to the UK Athletics Association.